Learning how the industry works can provide you with some insight on how to enhance your startup. This allows you to generate new ideas on how you can improve your take on the industry, how you can stand out from your competitors, and how to entice new customers into paying for your services and new clients to invest in your venture.  

In today’s times, startups need to keep up with the demands of consumers and should take advantage of technology to better their service. Here are some of the tools you’ll need for startup success: 

1. Computerized Valet Parking Systems   

Many established businesses often have a high volume of cars moving to and from their location. This can be a great opportunity for budding entrepreneurs who are looking to improve their parking facilities and services.   

Startups are in the best position to invest in a computerized valet parking system to bring a new parking experience to clients who are car owners. They can take advantage of CVPS to optimize their parking facility, especially when there’s only limited parking space. 

2. Pearltrees 

Pearltrees is a digital tool that allows users to organize everything. From web pages, photos, documents, PDF, and notes, each item can be organized into different collections, which you can access anytime, anywhere. It comes in a Mondrian-like layout design that allows you to overview each project as a box. You can create a thumbnail for each project for fast organization. 

Startup businesses can benefit from this tool as it allows them to share online content with potential clients and also share ideas with collaborators on their start-up project.

3. Asana

Asana is a work management tool that allows you to stay on track with your daily tasks and future projects. The app also helps by breaking down large-scale projects into smaller actionable tasks, which make them less of a hassle to deal with. People who have a hard time focusing on what to do during the day can create visual project plans to see how it maps out in the future.  

Asana has the following functionalities available: 

  • List

    A summary of all tasks. You can change the view according to what you need to see. 

  • Timeline

    A visual timeline on your projects for convenience. 

  • Calendar

    A calendar where you can input some notes for yourself and your team. 

  • Conversations

    A place where you can discuss your current or upcoming projects. 

  • Progress

    A tab that allows you to update the status of your project to your teammates. 

  • Files 

    A collection of all the files being shared in the project.

4. Bitly 

An effective tool for websites and blogs, Bitly is a link shortener that helps enhance your business’ online presence, making it easier for search engine sites to track and index your website while also increasing its page loading speed. The link shortener also acts as analytics for your link or campaign. This useful tool also provides information on how many people have clicked on your links and what sites they shared your content to. 

5. Buffer  

For social media management, Buffer is a handy, affordable, and effective platform that allows you to schedule and post your social media content automatically. This handy platform also provides analytics that allow you to see how your posts are performing, giving you an idea of how you can create better campaigns in the future. 

Buffer can allow you to connect and schedule content to the following social media platforms: 

  • Twitter 
  • Facebook 
  • LinkedIn 
  • Google+ 
  • Instagram 
  • Pinterest 

With Buffer, you can focus on the important parts of your startup without worrying about the details of social media creation and management.  

6. Dropbox 

Organize your business files and save some space on your desktop by signing up on Dropbox, a cloud storage site that allows people to share various files with anyone. This remarkable tool also simplifies team management by allowing you to connect with different apps instantly, all while keeping track of project activities. 

Dropbox can also be synced automatically to your own computer, so if you own a startup, it would be time-saving to allow synchronization. 

7. Due

Due provides seamless payment solutions and digital wallet service for various businesses and freelancers. The app was created to help you keep track of the following:  

  • Who owes you money 
  • When payments are due 
  • How you can make global payments 
  • Secure transactions 

All of these come at affordable credit card processing rates that help you save money.

8. Lever

Many startup businesses require manpower, which the human resources or HR department is responsible for. The HR department in itself is only good if your business is medium to large. If you’re a small startup, you would need to save up on an entire department budget. However, if you’re looking to save up on recruiting, then you can try using a software instead.  

Lever provides a sophisticated solution that helps you find the best candidates for your business. Coupled with impressive features, this tool helps you streamline the interview process, uses objective data to help you make decisions faster, and also offers a collaborative action, allowing your team to take part in the process. 

Final Thoughts 

If you’re still in the beginning phases of your startup, consider hiring branding experts to help you shape and define your business’ persona and identity to clients and customers. For handling finances, hire an accountant to keep track of your expenses. As much as possible, invest in yourself just as much as you would invest in your business by learning and studying from key experts online. If needed, use social media to your advantage and join groups who are also on the journey of starting their own startup business.  

Aside from investing in valet parking software, parking materials, a website, and a digital marketing campaign, certain tools that allow you to manage your startup in several aspects not only save time but also save money that you can use for future resources. Use these tools to your advantage. 

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