When referring to the most successful online business, you don’t need to look any further because Amazon takes the crown. Amazon has grown into a tech giant and has conquered the world of internet retail. A lot of big time merchants have benefitted from selling their products on Amazon. But Amazon has also made it possible for small businesses to achieve success by launching the Fulfilment by Amazon or FBA service. When the doors opened for entrepreneurs who wanted to start their Amazon business through FBA, many Amazon training courses also came up. Indeed, these courses have been a great help for FBA sellers to handle their business better. 

If you want to know what niches you should consider to make your business successful, go ahead and keep reading.   

The FBA Convenience 

What small businesses often find as an obstacle is the difficulty of distribution of their products. Logistics require time and budget that small businesses have a hard time to cover. This is what Amazon’s FBA service aims to solve. With FBA, sellers can have the following conveniences: 

  • FBA seller searches for suppliers or source of products. 
  • Once products are purchased, they’ll be delivered and stored in Amazon’s warehouse. 
  • Amazon’s staff will unpack and properly store these products. 
  • FBA seller will post items for sale on Amazon. 
  • Amazon will pack and have the purchased products delivered to the buyers. 
  • Amazon answers customer concerns on shipping, returns, and refunds. 

As you can see, FBA does all the logistics work for you. It doesn’t mean that you can just leave it all up to them and go on a vacation. It’s still going to be your business after all. What Amazon does is give you more time to focus on finding the best suppliers, marketing, and providing product specific customer service. This means you can focus on growing your business without stressing out on the distribution. It’s a plus that Amazon has a worldwide distribution that you can also sell your products internationally. 

Best FBA Niches 

With your logistics support being taken care of by Amazon, it has to be your responsibility to provide quality products to your customers. You can do this by first identifying the best niches of products that you’re going to sell on Amazon. There are thousands of profitable product niches on Amazon, but these are some of the top picks that you should check out: 

1. Electronics and Gadgets 

Technology keeps evolving, and new electronic gadgets are created and released almost every month. People nowadays have become more techie, especially the younger generation. This is reflected by the fact that electronics and gadgets continue to become a top selling product category on Amazon. This is also the reason why you should put this niche on your list. You can sell the newest models of mobile phones, phone accessories, smart watches, and cameras on your FBA business. 

2. Books 

Through the years, Amazon has become synonymous with book purchases. Although Kindle and tablets have become popular among avid bookworms, printed books are still among the most loved products on Amazon. You can sell popular novels in singles or volumes. You can also sell other types of books like recipe books, biographies, children’s books, and many others. 

3. Baby Products 

New parents may not always have the time to shop at the nearest mall for baby supplies, so they go to Amazon instead. Some are just searching for a gift for their friend’s baby. Either way, baby products are also among the most sold out items on Amazon. So, you should also consider it for your next sourcing. You can have baby clothes, feeding bottles, baby bath products, and strollers. 

4. Toys and Games 

As babies grow into toddlers, they’re going to need more complicated toys. You can have cars, dolls, action figures, and balls on your Amazon store. But when speaking about toys and games, parents and other adults can also play it with the kids. So, you can add board games like chess and scrabble or have cards and puzzles. 

5. Video Games 

Video games have also evolved as rapidly as technology does. From big machines in arcades, video games have found their way into homes in the form of consoles. Video consoles are also updated into newer versions as the years pass. So, when you sell video games for your FBA business, you have to make sure you have the latest versions along with accessories and game installments. Video games also come in hand-held gadgets like the Gameboy and PSP. These should also be included in your product list. 

6. Fashion Items 

If you’re a fashionista, then fashionable items shouldn’t be left out of your FBA product niches. Fashion never goes out of style in terms of marketability even when styles change. People wear these products every day, so you’re guaranteed to gain a profit from this category. This product category is also among Amazon’s top ten best sellers this year. This includes clothes, shoes, accessories, and jewelry.  

7. Pet Care and Supplies 

Pet lovers who genuinely care for their pets will spend on pet supplies. If you’re going to include this product niche in your FBA business, you have to include pet food, bath soap, shampoo, sleeping cots, and other grooming tools. 

8. Beauty and Wellness

Staying beautiful and healthy has a cost, and you can gain a profit from it. You can sell bathing essentials, weight loss food supplements, makeup, skin care products, and perfumes. What you need to be careful about selling these products is that they should be non-toxic. So, be sure to buy from an accredited supplier. 

9. Fitness Gear 

Along with the focus on beauty is the growing love for pursuing a fit and healthy lifestyle. Your FBA business can attract health buffs by selling fitness clothes and gears. You can have leggings, jogging pants, tights, and breathable shirts for exercise. You can also sell yoga mats, exercise balls, and other exercise paraphernalia.   

10. Home Needs and Kitchenware 

Whether it’s for a new home or a renovation, homeowners need home and kitchen essentials. These products are also among the most sought after by Amazon customers. This can include huge items like furniture and appliances or small things like plates, mugs, knives, and food storage.  


These are some of the bestselling product niches on Amazon which can help you earn passive income. This means that by selling these products, you’re guaranteed to attract more customers and achieve higher sales. By signing up for an FBA seller’s account on Amazon, you already receive logistical benefits. You have to make sure that you can provide top customer satisfaction by choosing the best products. This list is an excellent way to start. 

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