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Running a small business is demanding but can be very rewarding. The problem is however, it can be hard to work out how to attract more customers that will help to boost your profits and revenue. If you’re low on customers and you’d like to see an increase in this, then this article will give you the rundown on some tips on how to attract more customers for your small business. Let’s take a look.  

1. Offer Discounts/Free Products or Services  

We all know free or discounted items can gain attention of people. Why? Because people like when they feel as if they’re saving money. When you’ve got a lull in your customers, don’t be afraid to run a limited time offer like a discount or buy 1 and get 1 free offer. Most times when offering something like this, you’ll see an influx of business. While it may be short lived, it can help to bring new possible clients in that may have not purchased from you before. These new customers may turn into repeat customers down the track. 

2. Be Listed On Google Maps and Local Directories  

If you haven’t already done so, don’t forget to list your business on local directories and Google Maps. It’s important that your business is easy to find. The easiest way for people to find you online, is via listing in these important areas. If you’re not sure how to do this, you can get a marketing company to help you.  

3. Print and Distribute Flyers Locally 

For local businesses, don’t be afraid to try some traditional methods of advertising. Printing and distributing flyers in mailboxes can help for people to get to know about you and what you have to offer. Make sure the flyers have your logo, company name, what you have to offer, contact details, and address. This can help new customers determine if you have a service or a product they may need for a problem they’re having currently. 

That’s why it’s best to make a great logo design so they can remember your business easily.

4. Advertise On Social Media

For those who have an online website and a social media presence, it’s a good idea to do some advertising about special offers, new products, discounted services and more. Social media has the ability to really enhance the way you showcase your business. However don’t just advertise for the sake of advertising, be smart about it. Choose particular days on when you post content or share something. If you bombard your audience all the time, you’ll find they’ll more likely remove you from their followers list.  


Customers are the heart and sole of your business. Without generating new or repeat customers over time you’ll run the risk of your business falling through the cracks. By taking these tips into consideration, you have a higher chance of really taking your business to that next level. Are you ready to bring more customers into your small business?  

A logo is the encapsulation of your company or organization’s overall culture and vision. It is the one piece of design that is going to be most present to represent the organization and all it stands for. Now, creating a layout might be daunting, but there are vital factors that make a logo design great. 

In this post, we’ll discuss how you can create great looking logos that are representative of your company and its values. 

1. Simple but Elegant 

There is an adage in design and all facets of life: “Less is more.” The same applies to your logo design—you need to be able to communicate all your ideas in the simplest way possible. A clean look makes the logo understandable to the ordinary observer. From the perspective of aesthetics, it makes the logo easier on the eyes and clean logos usually look more professional than cluttered ones. 

In sales, you’re supposed to be able to complete your pitch in eight seconds, but in logo design, all you have is a simple glance from the viewer. Within that time frame of a simple glance, you are supposed to convey an entire story. Thus, it helps if the logo is simple.

2. Colors Make Up Most of the Personality 

The color scheme that you use in the branding is also reflected in your logo design, and the great thing about color is that you can convey the psychology behind the design. Color psychology is the study of how colors have a personality that leaves an impact on the emotions and perception of the viewer. 

For example, notice how alternative energy companies or grocers use green. The color green gives you a feeling of growth or something suggestive of the earth. 

Another thing to consider is the intensity of the colors. A bolder color scheme is indicative of a company that grabs your attention—and it can do so with its color choices. However, going for a softer color approach is characteristic of sophistication and sometimes even complexity. 

3. It Has to Tell a Story 

There are a couple of elements to a logo, usually, the name of the company and a design that represents it. However, the logo has to tell a story through a combination of both. It could be a subliminal or muted theme of the culture of the company. It could be symbolic like an arrow that indicates movement or a globe that signifies an international presence. Just remember that your logo can affect the success of your business.

Also, take note of the nature of the design. A sharper no-frills logo indicates professionalism. A peculiar or quirkier design shows the end-user that the company is different and fun. Images that are on the logo can represent either the values of the organization or the profession that is represented. Notice how companies that do remodeling have a paintbrush to show you that they can do paint jobs. Some contractors or architects have a silhouette of a house in the background because they deal with building and design, respectively. 

These little elements are designed to show you what a company does and what it believes in. 

4. Scalability is a Major Consideration 

Think big—literally. There are some designs that look great when they’re small, like on your website, but once you blow the sizing up to the size of a billboard, for instance, the design starts looking a little off. Whenever a logo is designed, scalability is one of the factors that should be considered. It has to look great in any size because a logo should have the ability to be used anywhere. 

5. Its Design Factors Can be Broken Down

One of the best examples of this is Adidas. The three stripes come in multiple variations because its design factors can be broken down. For example, they can show branding vertically through the three stripes, or they can also make use of a more horizontal design with their primary logo. It will still look clean regardless, and people will still recognize the brand because it is a different iteration of the same familiar design elements.  

You have to take this into account when your logo is being designed. How will it look like on your marketing materials—and even stationery—and can you incorporate different elements of your overall branding from your logo to the different places where you want your logo to be visible? 


The hallmark of excellent logo design is its functionality and its character. It will allow the people who see it to know company’s story at a glance. By being able to meet these requirements in the least possible strokes, your brand and your vision are properly encapsulated. 

As the hub for connectivity and exciting new features, Instagram has managed to carve out a fanbase of its own. With millions of active users, the photo-sharing application has always been the prime spot that one wants to visit for many reasons. As a result, different trends started emerging from the same, and people began following it. So to give you an idea of the power of Instagram, we decided to look into these trends and figure out a thing or two. Hence, go ahead and read the following.


Instagram Shopping

With the influencer culture taking shape for the better part of Instagram, shopping has turned out to be a domain of interest. Users always look put for brands on Instagram and consider making purchases through the different links that it provides. While we all came to know about brands through television advertising, and so on, the current generation uses Instagram for the same. Moreover, since social media marketing has also developed its game, one can always shop on Instagram.

The Use of Carousel Posts

The ability to share several posts has really helped the Instagram community make the most out of the activity. Users can now share up to 10 images and enter the different realms of storytelling. Thanks to that, posts generating information have grown in number, and everyone is doing their bit to promote the same. With recent social issues, Instagram has also become the central hub to raise voices and support credible movements like Black Lives Matter, and so on.

IGTV is here for you


The year 2020 has managed to make IGTV on the top, which is one of the few good things to come out during the times of a pandemic. As artists and different kinds of individuals were restricted to a particular surrounding, they took to IGTV to make stuff happen and move ahead in a manner that counts. By sharing different kinds of videos, Instagram widened their reach and made it more about socializing rather than just posting a picture. Due to that, IGTV was the centre of attention.

Instagram Live

As the new medium of live interviews, Instagram Live is another tool that can be equipped for all the right reasons. With social distancing and quarantine being the new rules, people looked up to Instagram live to conduct interviews and carry forward fan requests. As a result, Instagram Live turned out to be a new trend, and everyone can use the same to their benefit. But since trends are always changing, you can expect to see another one from a platform like Instagram. Hence, those were the top trends that rocked Instagram during the times of a pandemic.