Using drop shipping as an order fulfillment method is more than buying products from a supplier and letting them deliver those goods that now bear the name of your startup business to your customers. It’s also about choosing which e-commerce platform is right for your venture and how you’ll market your products so that customers will buy from you. For the former, you would want to choose Shopify given that it’s the leading e-commerce platform right now. For the latter, you can enroll in a Shopify drop shipping marketing course.  

As a startup company, it would benefit you to learn as much as you can when it comes to maximizing profits. Here are some reasons why it’s essential that you take a Shopify drop shipping marketing course: 

1. You’ll want someone to show you which products to purchase from suppliers and sell to your customers. 

Choosing which products to buy from suppliers and then sell in your Shopify drop shipping store all by yourself can be hit or miss. You’ll most likely experience the latter if you follow your impulses rather than making an informed decision. You wouldn’t want your startup business to turn into an online equivalent of a general merchandise store, would you? 

On the other hand, if you take a Shopify drop shipping marketing course, you’ll be taught how to select a niche that’s both in keeping with today’s online shopping trends and guaranteed to bring your startup business enough profit. Picking the right trending and profitable niche would enable you to more thoroughly select the products that your Shopify drop shipping store should have.

2. You’ll want to learn from someone else how to use SEO for your Shopify drop shipping store. 

Not everyone gets SEO – or search engine optimization – and even some online retailers who studied it all by themselves and have been incorporating it for some time are still having trouble making their store consistently appear in Google’s first page of search results. 

When you enroll yourself in a Shopify drop shipping marketing course, your mentor will teach you how to make your Shopify drop shipping store to consistently appear in Google’s first page of search results – including what to do and what mistakes to avoid. However, before paying for the said course, make sure that you already did your fair share of reading anything you can find about SEO. Even typing something along the lines of “SEO” in Google Search and opening the displayed results should arm you with enough knowledge about SEO that you’ll need before you take a Shopify drop shipping marketing course. 

3. You’ll want someone to teach you how to promote your Shopify drop shipping store on social media effectively.

Some of your Shopify drop shipping store’s potential customers might find out about you through nontraditional channels, such as social media. Promoting your Shopify drop shipping store on social media isn’t as easy as just setting up a Facebook business page and letting fate do the rest of the grunt work. Most of your startup business’s potential customers might even be on another social media platform like Instagram or Pinterest instead of Facebook, and you don’t even know it – at least not yet. 

A Shopify drop shipping marketing course would teach you how to use the power of social media to your advantage by knowing which social media platform your store’s potential customers are most likely using as well as creating highly targeted online ads to promote your startup business. 


Despite the entire concept of drop shipping being so seemingly simple that even a kid can easily understand it, the marketing part of it takes some time for one to master. After all, why is the percentage of online retailers using the said order fulfillment method at a mere 27%? If you’ve just opened your drop shipping store built using Shopify, you might not have the money or clout yet to pay someone to market your startup business for you. However, you wouldn’t have to do that anymore if you enroll yourself in a Shopify drop shipping marketing course. 

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